MeropeStyle ® – Pediatric VarioRest®

Children have a natural desire to be active. Therefore they feel particularly uncomfortable wearing a plaster bandage which significantly restricts their activities. In contrast to plaster bandages, knee braces are light, comfortable and easy to adjust to various conditions. The MeropeStyle® Pediatric VarioRest® knee brace can be used after knee surgery, sprain, muscular od ligament injury, fracture or other conditions which cause complaints of the knee joint. The brace enhances healing and reduces the time required for physiotherapy. It may also be used to stabilise brittle bones. Immobilisation of the leg over a long period of time is not recommended though, as within even a few weeks this would worsen the osteoporosis, leading to further fractures. Therefore mobilisation is started as early as possible, the MeropeStyle® Pediatric VarioRest® knee brace offering considerable benefits over plaster bandages, as it may be taken off and put on again at any time.


The MeropeStyle® Pediatric VarioRest® knee brace was designed to provide postoperative support, immobilise the knee joint – e.g. in the event of early removal of a plaster bandage – and aid quick rehabilitation. With its fully variable lateral Velcro closures the 3-part construction can be adjusted individually to the patient’s thigh and lower leg.

Due to its high wearing comfort and flexible use, the MeropeStyle® Pediatric VarioRest® contributes to increased fun during the period of recovery. The brace can be put on and taken off easily. Due to its soft and skin-friendly material, the brace remains comfortable for the child, even after longer periods of use. The integrated cut-out allows for easy access to the knee at any time. The 3-part knee brace is available in a straight (0°) or flexed (20°) version of 22, 32 or 40 cm length.


  • Rheumatic symptoms
  • Sprain
  • Muscular and ligament injuries
  • Knee surgery
  • Meniscus suture


  • Safe stabilisation of the knee joint
  • Stabilises the leg in a 0° or 20° position
  • Adjustable to any leg shape
  • Easy to put on using Velcro closures
  • The brace can be fully opened
  • Storage-friendly
  • Ecotest-certified, skin-friendly material

Circumference/Order Sizes:

3-part knee brace 0°

OS31022 22 cm 52 cm 41 cm universal Small
OS31032 32 cm 57 cm 45 cm universal Medium
0S31040 40 cm 62 cm 52 cm universal Large

TC: Thigh circumference
CC: Calf circumference

Device No: / 0°


Blue / Multi-colouredt