MeropeStyle® – Forefoot Relief Shoe

Many injuries and diseases affecting the forefoot area require maximum relief of the metatarsal heads and the toes. This might be the case after surgery or during the treatment of e.g. diabetic ulcerations. With such indications, the weight needs to be fully transferred to the heel, relieving the forefoot from load and compression.


The MeropeStyle® forefoot relief shoe provides well-directed relief of the ball of foot and the toes. This relief is achieved by a special wedge-shaped design of the sole, which is prolonged in the forefoot area and lowered in the heel area, so that the open forefoot area does not come into contact with the floor. Thus the patient walks on the back of the foot, which is further aided by the roll-off design of the sole. The Velcro closures allow for infinite adjustment of the shoe to any dimension of the bandage.The shoe can be fully opened and is therefore easy to put on and take off. Three Velcro closures allow for adjustment to the dimensions of the bandage and for solid fixation to the foot.


  • Bandage splint
  • Following forefoot surgery
  • After injuries or fractures of the toe
  • Relief and treatment of diabetic feet
  • Rheumatic feet
  • Early postoperative mobilisation


  • Reliable protection against compression or jolts
  • Well-directed relief of the forefoot area
  • Easy to put on using Velcro closures
  • Infinitely adjustable to varying bandage dimensions
  • The shoe can be fully opened
  • Flexible, water-resistant and breathable
  • Available singly
  • Ecotest-certified, skin-friendly material

Circumference/Order Sizes:

OG46101 XSmall women / men 25,0 cm
OG46102 Small women / men 27,0 cm
OG46103 Medium women / men 28,5 cm
OG46104 Large women / men 30,5 cm
OG46105 XLarge women / men 32,0 cm

Position both feet on a sheet of paper and outline their silhouette.
Measure the foot length of both feet from A to B in cm.

Device No: